From luxury jewelry to cherished keepsakes


Full Shopify Plus Redesign and Custom Theme Development
UI/UX Design
Technical Discovery & Site Architecture Planning
3rd Party App Strategy & Selection
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From luxury jewelry to cherished keepsakes


Turning cherished memories into lasting memories through luxury pieces women are excited to wear.

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About Dana Rebecca Designs

Luxury jewelry Isn’t meant to be timeless - It’s meant to evolve with you. By creating luxury pieces made for treasuring every step of the journey, Dana Rebecca Designs takes pride in crafting cherished keepsakes for the major milestones and everyday moments.

Initial Challenge

Despite the rise in popularity of headless front ends over the last several years, they’re not always a picture-perfect solution. Being built on Shopify’s headless front end, Hydrogen, Dana Rebecca Designs experienced rapid web performance but struggled with a lack of management and control.

We helped to transfer and build their site on an online store 2.0 theme, granting them increased flexibility and much more control.

Project Highlights

Jewelry & Bridal Site

In an attempt to separate their bridal products from their day-to-day offerings, Dana Rebecca Designs requested that we build a site that acted as two-in-one. We worked closely with their team to carefully refine their color palette and choose font pairings that perfectly captured the essence of their brand.​​

Through our highly collaborative approach, we successfully launched a new, optimized, and dual-offering version of their site.

Project Highlights

Rewards Member Exclusive Content

Fostering an impressive customer base, Dana Rebecca Designs takes pride in its exclusive Rewards Member community.​​

We modernized the functionality of their site and added sections to the theme, allowing them to easily serve exclusive content, early promotions, and product launches to their VIP community.

Project Highlights

Gift With Purchase

Dana Rebecca Designs frequently runs Gift With Purchase promotions, so we customized a tool that allows them to personalize these promotions based on their specific requirements for any promotion.

Project Highlights

Gift Guides

We tailored a large portion of their site to simplify the gift-buying process. From finding the perfect sizes to styling inspiration, we developed personalized style guides to streamline the entire journey.​​

We enabled the site to modify which guides are showcased over certain holidays and seasons. This allows customers to effortlessly find the right piece for any occasion. As someone with significant influence in the jewelry community, Dana sets the trends for a vast majority of her customer base. We included a “Dana’s Favorites” section in the site’s main guide so that users can see what Dana is currently wearing and style tips for every piece.