Boxed wine, tasting divine.


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Boxed wine, tasting divine.

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Eco-friendly wine that doesn’t sacrifice on the taste or quality of bottled wines. Juliet is here to shift the culture of wine drinking and advance sustainability for the wine industry.

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About Juliet

Juliet is produced at a Certified California Sustainable Winery in the Santa Barbara Region, where the wines are handmade in a low-intervention style (no artificial additives) to ensure a clean, fruit-forward product reflective of the excellent quality grapes used.

Project Highlights

Juliet wanted consumers to know that sustainable practices were considered throughout the wine-making process. So, Simplistic included this information on every product page, including instructions on how to conserve and reuse the packaging. In addition, we added a “Learn More” button that brought customers to the Sustainability page, where we designed easy-to-read and optimized web navigation that tells the story of how Juliet makes premium wine with the environment in mind at every step.