Juliet is produced at a Certified California Sustainable Winery in the Santa Barbara Region, where the wines are handmade in a low-intervention style (no artificial additives) to ensure a clean, fruit-forward product reflective of the excellent quality grapes used.

• Art Direction
• Digital Design
• Custom Theme Development
• App and feature integrations

Food & Beverage

The Brief

Juliet started working with Simplistic because they needed a partner that could help them tell their story – that high-quality wine could be sustainable, eco-friendly, and come in a box. Since Juliet only had three products, we could go into detail about the characteristics of each wine, such as taste, notes, and the fermentation process. This created a digital sommelier experience for the customer, so they knew precisely what type of wine they were buying.

Our Solution

Juliet wanted consumers to know that sustainable practices were considered throughout the wine-making process. So, Simplistic included this information on every product page, including instructions on how to conserve and reuse the packaging. In addition, we added a “Learn More” button that brought customers to the Sustainability page, where we designed easy-to-read and optimized web navigation that tells the story of how Juliet makes premium wine with the environment in mind at every step.


Simplistic used the DRINKS app to help with compliance, tax and state regulations, and other nitty-gritty details of selling alcohol online. Since this app integrates with Shopify, Juliet could still provide their customers excellent service while eliminating any potential surprises at checkout with state-approved age verification. Compliance rules and delivery laws are automatically updated on the DRINKS app, so Juliet can be sure they stay compliant, no matter where they are shipping.

We're Most Proud Of

The Results.

Juliet wanted to convey a clear message to their customers that their boxed wine can be both high-quality and sustainable. Therefore, our design team, through our creative design thinking process, crafted a sommelier experience for each product page, providing consumers with in-depth knowledge not generally provided with boxed wine. In addition, each product page had information on the sustainability of Juliet wines, from the vineyard to the consumer’s home.

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