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UX Design, Custom theme development, Ongoing support

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Project overview

Working with Simplistic was an absolute dream. We came to them with an extremely lofty goal - getting our site built and QA'd in about 10 days. They achieved this and then some. They are experts in Shopify and all of its various integrations.

Key challenges

A fully custom site designed, developed, QA’d, and launched in 10 days.

Many aspects of the design fell outside the built-in capabilities of Shopify.

Ongoing support with an emphasis on subscription commerce.

Our solution

Simplistic successfully launched Ritual’s new site within the 10 day timeframe, including all of the Ritual team’s asks regarding design and integrations. Following the launch of the site, we provided ongoing support, with a focus on creating custom capabilities within the ReCharge subscription management application.

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Become our next successget in touch!

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Thanks for contacting us! We'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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