Female-founded vitamin brand, Ritual, was the first to develop a clean vitamin using only the essential ingredients. When founder and girl boss, Katerina Schneider, was unable to find a prenatal vitamin that met her standards, she became determined to create her own, and Ritual was born.

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The Project

Ritual came to Simplistic in 2016 with an ambitious goal of getting their site built and QA’d in just ten days. Although this is not our typical timeline, we said, “why not?” They needed a site that would not only feature beautiful designs and custom integrations but also skyrocket the growth of their brand.

Our Solution

Simplistic successfully launched Ritual’s new site within the 10-day timeframe, including intricate designs and custom integrations. Following the site’s launch, we provided ongoing support with a focus on creating unique capabilities within the Recharge application. Our team worked closely with Recharge to build flows that were not natively available in their app. These capabilities are now a feature within the Recharge app today.

Ingredients Map

It was important to Ritual that we included a detailed list of all ingredients used in their formula. They wanted to highlight what the ingredient was, its benefits, who manufactured it, and where it was sourced. We built an interactive map that allowed their customers to see exactly where each ingredient originated.


"Working with Simplistic was an absolute dream. We came to them with an extremely lofty goal - getting our site built and QA’d in about ten days. They achieved this and then some. They are experts in Shopify and all of its various integrations."

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