Building beauty for a better future.


Full Shopify Redesign and custom theme development
UI/UX Design
Technical Strategy and site architecture planning
3rd party app strategy and selection
Ongoing site support

Building beauty for a better future.

Beauty & Cosmetics

Redefining beauty standards with sustainable, earth-first formulas.

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About Mob Beauty

MOB is for those who believe quality isn’t a question - it’s a requirement. By demanding accountability and implementing earth-first formulas, they’ve made it their mission to redefine industry standards. With premium quality and sustainable formulas, MOB is for those who go beyond the surface of their makeup.

Project Highlights

To embrace brand inclusivity and optimize engagement, we built an interactive tool for users to design and build their very own makeup palette. Users can select sizes and shades of their choice to build a palette that’s unique to them and perfectly suited to their skin tone. Our implemented visual features allow users to watch the palette come together in real time, making it easy to adjust shades to their liking.

Continuing to highlight customizable products, MOB will collaborate with different artists/influencers to create their very own palette with a color scheme and shades that are completely unique to them. To highlight this, we’ve built them a model to showcase all of their collaborations and allow users to “Shop By Collab”.