Hive Brands is a platform for sustainable, eco-friendly items, from fair-trade chocolate to organic bamboo toilet paper. They are a proud retailer that buys items from more than 100 manufacturers, typically being small startups. All products must meet the company’s “Hive Five” criteria – ingredient integrity, recyclable packaging, low-carbon footprint, commitment to social good, and a “rave-worthy” product.

• Custom App Development
• Strategy
• Ongoing Support

Food & Beverage

The Project

As a new company, one of their main goals in working with Simplistic was to find a way to strengthen the return-customer journey. Since Hive Brands is a marketplace filled with eco-friendly and sustainable brands, we wanted to make it easy for customers to explore new products, make multiple purchases, and easily edit their shopping cart.

Our Solution

We implemented the Recharge app and began building out the strategy for a subscription program that would align with the needs of their target customer, the “conscious shopper”. As subscriptions grew, we learned that the Hive customer used their cart to make their final purchase decisions. We moved from a single product subscription program into a bundled subscription program. This way, Hive shoppers could utilize their monthly subscription plan in a way that felt more like an in-store, shopping experience. Using Recharge we built and designed a custom portal so that the customer is in complete control of their cart and experience.

The Results

Within the first 5 months since launch, Hive Brands has skyrocketed to the 91st percentile in the food and beverage industry for subscription programs.

Increase in AOV
Increase in Conversion Rate
Increase in Visitors
Decrease in Cart Abandonment

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