5 Reasons to Migrate to Shopify Plus

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Here at Simplistic, we’re all Shopify, all the time. For all of our clients big and small, Shopify is the only platform that we trust to handle all of the ins and outs of building and growing a successful ecommerce brand.

We are very proud of the fact that we've been recognized as both a Top Shopify Developer and Top New York eCommerce Development Company.

The core Shopify platform is designed to cover the essential needs of most ecommerce stores. Sometimes though, brands need to do more with their stores.

For the rapidly growing brands that need to manage ever-increasing inventories and orders,  implement additional customization, and add more dynamic features to their sites, Shopify’s enterprise platform Shopify Plus comes stocked full of features designed specifically with those brands in mind.

Here are 5 of our favorite features that are only available to stores that upgrade to Shopify Plus:


Shopify Flow

Shopify Flow makes it easy to automate some of the most common actions for any ecommerce store with Workflows. From inventory management to customer segmentation, Shopify Flow comes with a bunch of Workflow templates to get things started.

Shopify Flow Example

Like in the example above, Yummie.com uses Shopify Flow to automate their inventory management processes.


Customized Branded Checkout

The Checkout Page is the last step in what can be a long, hard-fought battle to make a sale. Having the ability to customize a store’s checkout page is the way to make one last great impression on a potential customer and close the deal.

FASHIONNOVA prominently displays their brand on their customized checkout page.


Cart Scripts

Shopify Scripts and the Script Editor app gives stores the ability to create dynamic cart and checkout actions at the customer level. One of the most common uses for Scripts is programatically applying promotions like BOGO or shipping rate discounts based on the contents of a given customers cart.

Scripts also help solve a common roadblock for Shopify sellers: not being able to stack discount codes.

For example, Allswell offers both 10% off mattresses and 20% off bedding. Without Scripts, by default Shopify would apply only one of the discounts to a cart containing both a mattress and bedding. Allswell uses Scripts to apply logic that checks a cart for both item types and applies both discount codes where applicable.

Allswell also uses Scripts to stack its free shipping on qualifying items promotion with other discounts like the 20% off bedding.

The Shopify Scripts examples also include templates for dynamic features like new customer discounts and free gift with purchase.


Wholesale Channel

For stores that want to serve wholesale customers, Shopify Plus has a dedicated Wholesale channel that allows brands to spin-up a connected wholesale storefront that includes password protection.


Here’s an example of a protected wholesale channel used by John Robshaw Textiles.

Wholesale storefronts can set up their own custom pricing and order processing to allow for payment options that may be uncommon for retail stores but popular for wholesalers, such as wire transfers.



Launchpad is Black Friday’s best friend. Launchpad gives stores the ability to plan and launch events like flash sales, product drops, and more.

Launchpad includes crucial features for executing a successful store event such as locking the site before the event to build anticipation and increasing inventory for the items that are going to be featured.

Launchpad also comes with its own dashboard for monitoring key metrics during an event.

Alex and Ani used Launchpad to coordinate their Black Friday sale and related giveaways.


Let’s talk Shopify Plus


The Simplistic team is well-versed in upgrading stores to Shopify Plus and implementing all of the awesome features we’ve included here (and the countless others we didn’t have time to talk about).

Contact us and let’s talk Shopify Plus.


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