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Bringing Warmth to the Web

In a digital age of one-size-fits-all, customers crave authenticity now more than ever. By personalizing the shopping journey and bringing an in-store feel to e-commerce, brands continuously strive for new ways to drive conversions and build consumer loyalty.

Technology meets connection:

Welcome to the era of redefining the online shopping journey and building deeper connections between brands and consumers.

In an era of mass marketing and the same generic approaches,
consumers crave more than just personalization, they want:





Sense of belonging


Whether it’s tailored product recommendations or personalized and direct communication, the demand for tailor-made shopping experiences has never been higher.

Continuous advancements in data analytics and AI make personalizing the customer journey an effortless process. With brands having access to an abundance of data at their fingertips, understanding consumer preferences, behaviors, and post-purchase patterns has never been easier. By using AI to leverage this data, brands can craft a purchasing journey that’s tailor-made for each individual.

Let the numbers talk:

The current stats on the significance of personalization:


Of consumers expect brands to deliver a personalized shopping experience.


Of users want brands to provide relevant product recommendations: Tailored suggestions simplify the decision-making process and streamline the entire shopping journey.


Of consumers are more likely to repurchase from brands with a personalized purchasing journey: Building rapport and fostering trust paves the way for long-term brand loyalty.

As an AI-powered Shopify app, Rebuy’s capabilities are transforming the digital shopping experience one customizable feature at a time.

Diving deeper into the power of Rebuy, let’s consider cbdMD - a brand that’s harnessed Rebuy’s customizable features to completely transform their customer experience journey.

By effectively using Rebuy, cbdMD:


$334K in sales through their “Switch to Subscription” widgets.


Converted 120 one-time product purchasers to Subscribers within 50 days of activation by using their “Subscribe & Save” Model


Increased AOV by 6.2% by implementing their Dynamic Bundle Widget.

From a fresh set of eyeballs landing on your website to post-purchase interactions, Personalization extends far beyond product recommendations. Imagine logging onto your favorite online store and being greeted by recommendations that you swear were handpicked just for you. Or joining a loyalty program that's been crafted perfectly to align with your specific shopping habits and preferences. 

That's the kind of customer experience that fosters brand loyalty that can’t be bought.

The benefits of personalization include substantial advantages such as:

A 40% increase in revenue

Personalized experiences are proven to drive higher conversion rates and average order values.

Strengthened Customer Loyalty

By demonstrating a deep understanding of consumer needs and preferences, brands can cultivate lasting relationships that result in higher retention rates and lifetime value.

Mastered Marketing Techniques

Personalizing communication creates a consumer experience that resonates, builds trust, and increases engagement, leading to better returns on marketing investments.

Embracing the Future

Looking ahead, the trajectory of e-commerce is undeniably intertwined with the evolution and increased need for personalization. Brands prioritizing customer needs and innovation will quickly emerge as industry leaders. Harnessing the power of technology to create interactions that leave lasting impressions is future of online shopping.

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