7 Must-Have Apps and Plugins to Optimize Your Shopify Shop

7 Must-Have Apps and Plugins to Optimize Your Shopify Shop

If Shopify is the sturdy trunk of your ecommerce shop, then apps and plugins are the branches, unlocking limitless potential for growth, optimization, and expansion.


In this blog, we’re highlighting 7 essential apps and plugins that will boost conversion rates, personalize customer experience, and open new possibilities that make shopping on your site easier than ever.


We didn’t pull these apps and plugins from charts or top ten lists, either. Our team has partnered up with all 8 of the technologies on this list and we consistently implement them into shops we consult with to leverage different functionalities.

1. Searchspring


Today, getting customers to your site still isn’t enough. Once they arrive, you have to usher them inside and show them around without boring or confusing them.

What it does

Searchspring is a powerful search and navigation tool that simplifies how customers locate products on your site. Searchspring automates processes like analytics and merchandising and systemizes product recommendations, allowing you to customize search results and meet customer needs.


Designing a streamlined process for navigating your site, ultimately refines the customer journey and moves you closer to achieving a sale.

2. Klaviyo


Reach new and repeat customers in the right places with thoughtful and consistent outbound marketing strategies based on data and customer profiles. 

What it does

The team over at Klaviyo says it better than we ever could, “create beautiful, engaging emails and texts that send themselves.” Klaviyo is a catch-all email and SMS marketing tool that serves one-person entrepreneurs up to multi-department brands. Klaviyo helps you build a database, learn from customer behavior, then create high-impact messaging that reaches customers on the right channels. 

3. Smile.io


Capturing loyal customers takes painstaking effort. So, when you do capture them, reward them with points and other incentives that will keep them coming back and spreading the good word of your brand.

What it does

Smile.io is an all-in-one customer rewards platform that offers customizable points, VIP, and referral programs that create repeat customers and nurture brand advocates. Smile.io allows you to leverage the traction you have from current customers to keep them coming back while engaging new customers, all without spending marketing dollars.

4. Zip (Previously Quadpay)


Design your check out and payment process to be as swift as possible and remove potential friction from the point-of-sale.

What it does

Today, many consumers want a product they can use immediately, but pay for over time. Zip offers buy now, pay later technology that splits the total payment into four smaller installments over six weeks. While this app is simple and straightforward in functionality, it can significantly boost your conversions.  

5. Recharge


If you could predict recurring revenue from a group of customers and prepare inventory and shipments accordingly, that would be a dream, wouldn’t it? Cue subscriptions.

What it does

Recharge allows you to build subscriptions into your product offering so you can generate recurring revenue streams and periodically send customers products without them needing to reorder or manually up their supply. 

The subscription market is projected to inflate to $478 billion by 2025 as more and more ecommerce shops implement some form of a subscription model. Subscriptions tend to work best for regular use products that disappear over time like beauty and cosmetics or food and beverage products. 

We implemented a subscription model into Ritual’s site, a vitamin and supplement shop that’s rethinking how healthy supplements are created. 

6. Yotpo


Let’s say you’ve run successful outbound campaigns, nurtured loyal customers, rewarded them, made it easier for them to pay, and stayed in touch with them, too. Now, how can you leverage all of their excitement about your brand?

What it does

Yotpo is a versatile suite that enables customer reviews, user-generated-content (UGC) and visuals, loyalty, referrals, and SMS marketing. Once you have happy customers, it’s important to showcase that social proof to attract and engage new customers.

7. Shopify Plus

Shopify Plus

Scaling the ecommerce shop of your dreams probably entails tons of small logistics, nuances, and a platform that can handle all the monthly business you’re bringing in. You need a command center where you can run everything.

What it does

A jumbo-sized upgrade from Shopify, Shopify Plus serves up powerful payment processing options, user customization, AI technology, custom shipping, and the ability to run multiple sites at once. Shopify Plus was constructed to meet the high-demand needs of scaling enterprise businesses. 

Build Bigger, Better Sites With Apps

Did you discover an app or plugin that you want to integrate into your shop? Beyond the myriad capabilities offered by Shopify itself, there are thousands of unique apps and plugins that can automate and simplify huge parts of your day-to-day operations and allow you to engage customers with intention and ease.

Don’t have an online offering yet and want help building your dream shop with all the bells and whistles?  

We build dream shops.  

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