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Pure Culture formulates skincare specific to each client through a customized product regimen. They take the time to understand the consumer's skin condition through at-home skin tests and profile questions. They strive to make skincare customized, clean, and effective.

• Strategy
• UI / UX Design
• Custom Theme Development
• Custom App Development


The Project

Pure Culture came to Simplistic as a new and innovative brand within the skincare and wellness industry. They needed a partner that would assist in turning their science-backed skincare testing and recommendation system into a seamless eCommerce experience.

Our Solution

We designed and developed a custom theme using strong visuals and tutorials to guide the user through the Pure Culture skincare journey. Our primary focus was to reduce obstacles in the purchasing flow, ensuring that first-time visitors would convert despite a nontraditional shopping experience. We also leveraged Shopify’s customer account feature and the edit-order API. We built a custom CRM tool that gives the Pure Culture team quick access to the customer's skin profile data.

Partner Technologies

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