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Project overview

We initially worked with Mission on developing a more scalable and functional theme on Shopify Plus. After seeing the positive impact that the new site had on conversion rate, Mission brought in Simplistic’s Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) experts to work with the brand on an ongoing basis.

Key challenges

The company is constantly innovating with new products and brand messaging. Our A/B testing program and insights consulting needs to be agile so that optimizations can be identified and UX & technical enhancements can be implemented in a timely manner.

The Mission website receives traffic from various sources, both paid and organic, and the website needs to provide a streamlined shopping experience for all different types of visitors.

Excess inventory of a specific product line needed to be reduced, and the clients wanted a solution that would increase Avg. Order Value – which has been historically consistent and difficult to move the needle on.

Our solution

We’ve seen a 71% Win Rate for A/B Tests on, with an average of $50,000+ in Increased Monthly Revenue per Test. Insights from site data led to strategic A/B tests that were launched for specific visitor types (i.e. mobile traffic only, visitors from Facebook, etc.), and new landing pages were created that were optimized for specific audience segments based on A/B test results.
Strategic UX solutions related to pricing strategy and the ‘Quick Add to Cart’ experience drove a 7.3% increase to Avg. Order Value.

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Conversion Rate Optimization with Shopify Plus

Conversion rate optimization is (CRO) is the holy grail of modern ecommerce. Do it right and witness explosive growth. Do it wrong, and your days as an online merchant could be numbered.

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