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Administrative Assistant

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POSTED. April 11, 2016

Job Description

The Administrative Assistant coordinates between members of the Management Team as well as Account Managers at simplistic.  Admins are responsible to many of simplistic’s stakeholders (management, account managers, technical team, vendors, promotors, etc.) and are expected to provide white glove, value added service.  Primary responsibilities include answering the phone and relaying messages, filtering information according to urgency, maintaining calendars, scheduling conference calls, taking notes, as well as supporting account managers in their duties.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

  • Account Manager support including purchasing and managing domains, initial website administrative set up, loading and checking information on back end of websites as needed.  Assistance in presale execution, sale management,
  • Management support including answering the phone, taking messages, scheduling, sending reminders and calendar updates, daily email reminders, managing salesforce and basecamp.
  • Other: Implement various procedures to ensure that service levels and performance objectives are met.  Other duties as may be assigned to meet the business needs.

Critical Success Factors

Successful Administrative Assistants have the following attributes/skills.

  • Technology, Design and Retail: Administrative Assistants must have an aptitude for technology including graphic files, ecommerce, calendar and communication applications as well as salesforce.
  • Multitask: Admins are responsible for several projects, in various stages, at the same time.  They work with multiple individuals within simplistic, the promotor, the vendor and service providers to simplistic.  You need to be able to juggle some balls, cats and every once in a while razorblades.
  • Organized: Administrative Assistants are expected to be highly organized, responsive and meet deadlines.  Use Sales Force, Excel, Numbers, Keynote, Powerpoint, Word, Pages, BaseCamp, online group calendar, Skype, Monosnap, uberconference, etc.
  • Anticipate: Administrative Assistants are expected to become experts in simplistic’s processes and voice.  They must anticipate opportunities and challenges and communicate accordingly to their simplistic colleagues.  It’s like watching the scary movie – you need to be the one who is saying – “don’t go in there”.
  • Self-motivated: Simplistic allows for independent time management.  Much of an Administrative Assistant’s time is spent working without direct supervision.  Admins are expected to hold themselves accountable, take initiative, have pride in their work, strive for continuous improvement and provide value add.   Big brother ain’t watching you, we don’t want to have to watch you, the job requires that you watch yourself. 
  • Communication: The ability to communicate (in person, telephone, email, etc.) professionally, promptly and effectively is critical.  Vendors, promotors and simplistic colleagues require insight and information on a daily basis – sometimes hourly, sometimes seconds count. You will be part of vendors’ biggest days of the year.  We treat every vendor as if it is our own product or business.  This is mission critical and must shine through on every email, call and vendor interaction. 
  • Attention to Detail:  It’s all about the details, no kidding.  Enough said.   You are here to learn all processes at simplistic.  We prefer to promote folks already steeped in our culture and process to other opportunities including business development and account/project management.  We are a small company where all roles are crucial to success and there is much room to grow.