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Project Manager - Online Stores

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POSTED. April 11, 2016

Job Description

Project Managers are responsible for managing the process and timely execution of full site builds while maintaining simplistic’s standards of excellent work. PMs are on a team that includes a Producer, Lead Designer/Developer and the client. Daily responsibilities and tasks include:

  • Join Producer on Sales Calls
  • Take Notes on client needs
  • Assist Producer in suggestions related to functionality, ecommerce tools and general site improvements
  • Prepare project briefs for Design/Development team
  • Prepare timelines and milestone schedules
  • Track progress and communicate with client
  • Facilitate QA, testing and edits
  • Prepare site completion and account ownership docs
  • Manage day to day communication with Producer, client and tech team to ensure on time and high quality execution
  • Prepare Producer/Team Leader with bi-weekly status reports

Critical Skills and Attributes for Success:

  • Technology Aptitude: PMs aren’t typically formal designers or developers but they must be able to play these roles on TV.  PMs create the vision for the project and must have an appreciation of design, UX, ecommerce functions and basic business acumen.
  • Multitask: Responsible for several projects, in various stages, at the same time.  PMs work with multiple individuals within simplistic and the client’s organization.  You need to be able to juggle some balls, cats and every once in a while razorblades.
  • Organized: PMs are expected to be highly organized, responsive and meet deadlines.  Nough said.
  • Tools: Must be able to communicate with client and tech team using tools such as Basecamp, Redmine, Dropbox, and Salesforce. 
  • Anticipate: PMs are expected to become experts in simplistic’s processes and voice.  Associates must anticipate opportunities and challenges and communicate accordingly to clients and their simplistic colleagues.  It’s like watching the scary movie – you need to be the one who is saying – “don’t go in there”. 
  • Self-motivated:PMs are expected to hold themselves accountable, take initiative, have pride in their work, strive for continuous improvement and provide value add.   Big brother ain’t watching you, we don’t want to have to watch you, the job requires that you watch yourself. 
  • Communication: Awesome and timely communication skills.


  • Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent preferred
  • 2+ years ecommerce project management experience preferred
  • Excellent communication and organizational skills required
  • Computer science and some programming experience a plus
  • Experience managing client expectations and delivering to client requirements while understanding internal commercial drivers
  • Competency regarding general business software tools (e.g, Word, email, etc.)
  • Ability to take initiative, multitask on concurrent projects, meet tight deadlines and succeed in a dynamic, fast-paced environment

Bonus skills

  • HTML & CSS experience**
  • JS experience
  • SEO
  • Omniplan**
  • Redmine
  • Dodge ball and Can Jam skills
  • Good sense of humor